Title: My Islam A-Z

Author: Bushra Taslim Hussain

Illustrator: Bushra Taslim Hussain

Publisher: Islamic Beginning’s Ltd.

Published: 2018

Category: Picture book, Alphabet book, Children’s Islamic book. 

Age: 2+

Pages: 32

Format: Paperback with glossy pages

‘My Islam A-Z’ is a picture book written and illustrated by Bushra Taslim Hussain. It is an alphabet book in which each letter of the English language teaches a word, concept, terminology, ritual or event in Islam. For example, A is for Allah, B is for Bismillah, and so on. 

The book can be used for children of all ages, as well as through different stages of a child’s life as he/she is growing up. It is a nice book to help build children’s Islamic vocabulary along with A for Apple & B for Ball.

The book might look very basic & simple but in terms of the content it brings awareness in children from an early age about Islam.

You can expand on the concepts presented as much as you want depending on the child’s understanding. For eg K is for Kaabah. This is the only thing mentioned in the book. But as an adult reading this book with a child we can teach & discuss many things with them about Kaabah.  

The book is informative for adults, reverts as well as non-Muslims.  

The illustrations are simple and soft.

The last page of the book consists of a glossary which translates Arabic words in English. 

Correction required in the book:

In the illustration for the alphabet W, steps of wudhu are illustrated. One of the steps mentions hair, neck and ears whereas it should be head and ears. It would be nice if this is corrected in future reprints. 

Suggestion for inclusion of references: 

It is important that Islamic books include authentic references for facts stated in their content. It makes it easier for the reader to cross check and ensures that only correct information is learnt and taught ahead. 

For eg. I would have loved to see authentic references for topics addressed in the book like names of the Prophets (may Allah be Pleased with them all), names of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) children and grand children, as some of the information was new to me and I am interested to learn more about them.

The book is a good way to introduce Islam to children and have discussions with them, as well as refresh knowledge for adults. 

The book can be purchased from the publisher’s website below:


Or you may also check with your local/online Islamic bookstore.

*This book was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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